Where golf MEETS good times

Combining industry-leading golf technologies, entertainment, and hospitality to deliver fantastic experiences.

Powered by Toptracer

With Toptracer Range technology, Swing Factory venues offer innovative golf technology to enhance your practice, your play and to challenge your mates.

We can install both covered driving ranges (monitor) and grass/open ranges (mobile) which is perfect for the club and the grass range.

Fun, welcoming and open to everyone

Whether you are working on your game, celebrating a birthday, having a long-drive competition or just having a few laughs and drinks with friends, Swing Factory is a destination for everyone.

Best-in-class technology managed by some of the best in the industry

The team at Swing Factory comes with more than 80 years of collective professional experience in owning, operating, and managing some of Australia’s leading public and privately owned facilities.

Coming to a venue near you

We are beginning our journey to reimagine traditional golf driving range experiences and are transforming sites into fully integrated, high-performance golf entertainment assets.

Australia’s golf entertainment future

Swing Factory is set to become Australia’s leading golf entertainment, hospitality and leisure provider, delivering a much more advanced entertainment-focused product, developed around the game of golf.

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